Sunday, February 19, 2017

Forever sorting junk

Honestly I think I should have named my blog An Abundance of Laundry and Messes.  The poor washing machine has been in use nonstop all weekend.  When I wasn't washing clothes I have been either pulling out junk to sort or piling it up to take to the charity shops.  I have sorted things from my childhood and from when the kids were little.  There are not many things I would do over in my life but one thing would be to NOT save everything!  Ok, maybe I didn't save everything but it sure feels like I did.  The basement bedroom really is looking better.  The goal is to have one bin for each of us. I currently have two.

I only have a few more things on my sewing table that need to be sorted or pitched.  FYI, the weird thing on the back of the left side chair is my Halloween costume.  Those are my book fairy wings, I work in a library.

Another pending project is to straighten up the yarn drawers.  I'm hoping my current Cozy Stripe blanket will help use up quite a bit of this yarn.  I buy yarn faster than I can crochet.

Having Cats and yarn in the same house can be interesting.  My craft room does not have a door. This makes the kitties very happy.  They are forever trying to snag a skein of yarn for a toy.  My basket of cotton yarn is always covered.  

When I first started crocheting I loved using cotton yarn.  I haven't used it as much recently.  I probably won't get rid of it but I'd like to lessen the amount.  I have been thinking of making some pot holders or coasters.

The Cozy Stripe blanket hit a bit of a hiccup, stitch count was off.  I had to frog two finished rows.  I thought about leaving the mistake but it bothered me so out it came.

It's that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookies!  I loved being a Girls Scout.  In fact my sister unearthed my sash with all my badges this weekend, she's in Arkansas sorting junk too.  The new S'mores cookies are rather tasty.  I'm glad they are only available for a short time.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Have a lovely week, Lisa