Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello May

Hello May, but where did April go?  It zoomed past with a whirlwind of filled days.  April started with a visit from my sister.  There are so many things we want to do while she is here.   No matter how long she stays, it's never long enough.  We did spend a day in Washington D.C. doing our touristy things.

We saw the Lincoln Memorial from a distance.  After walking around the National Mall we went to the National Postal Museum.  It is located very close to Union Station.

There were mailboxes of all shapes, colors, and sizes.  I always thought it would be fun to have a mail slot in our front door but we have a box at the curb.

We had such a fun time there.  There were so many fascinating stamps to see.  I enjoyed trying to find stamps I remembered using as a child.

These are enlarged stamps on the ceiling of the museum.

We giggled like teenagers making our own personal postage stamp.

It's a shame you won't find these issued by the United States Postal Service anytime soon.  I'm sure they would become quite the collectable!

After our trip to D.C. we spent the rest of her visit close to home.  My daughter had to have her ACL repaired.  The surgery was a success but the recovery is slower than she would like.  I miss her ability to drive.  She's only had her car since the fall but how quickly I came to rely on that independence.

We were able to manage a trip to Barnes and Noble bookstore and the local yarn store.  We both made a cowl from this book.  I wish I had taken a picture of her cowl.  Hers was a blueish color, very pretty.  I am really enjoying this book.  I haven't bought many crochet books for a while.  This one has such lovely and easy patterns.  There are two cowl patterns, slippers, a blanket, and many other things.  I bought the yarn to make the second cowl.  It's a chunkier weight yarn and will feel so cozy.

Yes, that is a hot dog in the lower right corner.  It's a pencil pouch I use to hold my hooks and scissors.  It has a little weight due to the hooks and such so it's also used to hold open pattern books.

The weather has been very bizarre.  It snowed on my daffodils and then we've had summertime temperatures.  We are behind on our rainfall but tomorrow there will be thunderstorms.  The poor plants don't know what to make of all the craziness.  It was nice to see a few pink bloom in the front flower bed.  However the weeds are thriving, ugh.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.   Lisa

Sunday, April 2, 2017

So many projects

I took a picture of all my current works in progress.  The crochet blanket and the hexie quilt are long term projects.  The hexie quilt wouldn't be that long term of a project if I'd take the time to read the instructions and find out the next step.  The knitting in the lower left corner needs to be frogged and restarted.  It's a cowl and I want it longer.  The way it's turning out now it would be a choker.  I know I won't wear it at the current size.  The orange snowman looking thing is suppose to be a scarecrow cat.  I started this back in October.  All I need to do to finish it is close the bottom and make a hat.  I did the hardest part of sewing on the nose.  No progress has been made on r2d2.  I was going to make spring coasters for our kitchen table.  I have one and it's not finished.  I've used this pattern before but for some reason this time it's much larger.  I will probably frog the coaster and try a different pattern. The gold yarn in the upper right corner is a cowl I will wear to work tomorrow.  I need to wear red and yellow, it's a school thing.  I don't wear much yellow.  It's not a color that looks good on me.  I'm hoping gold is close enough.

I love this yarn and I like knitting the cowl.  My sister will be visiting the week before Easter.  I hope she will be able to help me restart it.  We may have to make a trip to the yarn store to seek help from a professional.  : )

Gardening always gets pushed to the back of the home projects.  I always have high hopes but life gets busy.  This spring I was inspired by the new Taproot magazine to try planting cosmos.  The seeds were planted last weekend and they are already growing.  I hope they survive once I plant them in the flower bed.

I'm still trying to understand our DSLR camera.  I have a new smaller camera bag, a new camera strap, and two books.  So far I've not taken any pictures I've liked.

I've been obsessed with reading this journaling website/shop Jenni Bick DC.  The store is located in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. I have lived in the Washington D.C. area for twenty years and I've never been to Dupont Circle.  To say I want to go is an understatement.  I am already plotting a trip for when my sister is visiting, lucky for me she enjoys shops like this one.  I hope we won't be disappointed.  Do I need a new journal? NO! Do I want to go look at pretty journals? Yes!  Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with this store.  I happened upon it via Instagram and thought it looked like a place I would love to explore.

The day I took this picture of Avi I had a headache.  I could totally relate to wanting to sleep in this position.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Have a lovely week,  Lisa

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow days and stitch markers

We finally have had a small amount of snow, enough to close the schools for two days.  Maybe about five inches, two of which was sleet.  I can't believe we are having our winter weather the week before spring officially begins, oh well, such is the weather.

Avi is a very fluffy cat but that doesn't stop her from sitting on the heating vent.  I love to feel her toes when she does this, they are so toasty and warm.

I started making a crochet R2D2 in December.  I got one leg completed, as with what happens to most of my projects, I put it aside to start working on other things.  Yesterday I decided to work on R2 again. I successfully completed the second leg only to realize I used the wrong hook size.  I am the world's worst at keeping track of what hook size I use for projects.   You would think I would learn but obviously I don't.

I've seen pictures on-line of stitch markers with letters on them to indicate the hook size.  This is something I definitely need.  I decided to try and make them myself.  My husband would tell you this was just an excuse to make a trip to the craft store.

Cute storage containers for my supplies
The leg on the right was made with with the larger hook.  The leg that has my nifty new stitch marker is the correct size.

I put out a few of our Easter decorations.  It's nice to have a few festive things around for the different holidays.  My sister sent the ceramic eggs to me after she cleaned out my old toy box.  The large egg is from 1976 and the pink one is from 1977.  My Mom and Grandma made my sisters and I each some for our Easter baskets when we were young.  In all my getting rid of clutter it is nice to hold onto a few keepsakes.  These make me smile.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter project link party

I've missed Jennifer's last few winter project link parties so I'm very happy to be able to post in the last one for this season.  I hope she might host another for the coming winter but that seems so distant at this point in the year.  The blanket isn't as far a long as I had hoped.  I removed two rows to get my stitch count correct and then there were those evenings I didn't pick it up at all.  I do enjoy working on this blanket.  It will be for my son when it is finished. He helps me select the colors and it's nice to see stash yarn being used.  Who knows maybe I will finish it before our next winter arrives.  It's been so warm I wonder what winter 2017 will be like?

As I use up stash yarn I've been winding yarn balls.  I already have thoughts of making a granny scrap blanket.

I've been putting the tiny scraps in an old terrarium jar.  Terrariums always look so pretty but I don't have much luck keeping one thriving.  I think the yarn will do better than the plants, plus the lidded jar keeps it away from kitty paws.

I drive a rural route to work.  Usually I don't meet too many cars on my commute.  This allows me to drive at a slow pace and see what wildlife I can spot.  Coming home Monday afternoon I spotted this owl.  I was able to pull over and get as good of a picture as my iPhone would allow.

I haven't been posting as many comments to other's blogs recently, my apologies.  A traveling husband, clutter clearing, and spring soccer practice (the kids not me) have been keeping me busy and tired.  I have been visiting all my favorite blogs.  I think we have finally found a bit of a rhythm and hopefully things will slow down.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The things I saved

The things we save over a lifetime, treasures to one, trash to another.  It's funny to see what I thought was worth squirreling away when I decided my childhood was behind me.   My sister mailed me a box of my collectables I had stored at my dad's house in my old toy box.

The only theme to what was kept appears to be stuff I thought was cute.  I also snagged things I liked that my older sisters discarded, hence the three McDonald's trash can banks.

I mentioned in my last post one goal was to minimize the number of keepsake bins.  Now to decide what stays and what goes.  Pumpkin kitty has been with me forever, he'll stay : )

I loved being a Girl Scout.  It was fun to see my old sash and all the patches.  There was something very satisfying to finishing all the requirements for a patch, plus those patches are really cute.

I had to laugh when I came across this old photo of me.  I must be around seven or eight.   I was the youngest of three girls and this picture definitely sums up my childhood attitude, fearlessness mixed with a touch of crazy.   Well, maybe not so fearless, I was terribly afraid of the dark.

The old vehicle in the background is a 1965 International Scout.  My dad still owns it and it does still run.  I come from a long line of people who keep things.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Lisa

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Forever sorting junk

Honestly I think I should have named my blog An Abundance of Laundry and Messes.  The poor washing machine has been in use nonstop all weekend.  When I wasn't washing clothes I have been either pulling out junk to sort or piling it up to take to the charity shops.  I have sorted things from my childhood and from when the kids were little.  There are not many things I would do over in my life but one thing would be to NOT save everything!  Ok, maybe I didn't save everything but it sure feels like I did.  The basement bedroom really is looking better.  The goal is to have one bin for each of us. I currently have two.

I only have a few more things on my sewing table that need to be sorted or pitched.  FYI, the weird thing on the back of the left side chair is my Halloween costume.  Those are my book fairy wings, I work in a library.

Another pending project is to straighten up the yarn drawers.  I'm hoping my current Cozy Stripe blanket will help use up quite a bit of this yarn.  I buy yarn faster than I can crochet.

Having Cats and yarn in the same house can be interesting.  My craft room does not have a door. This makes the kitties very happy.  They are forever trying to snag a skein of yarn for a toy.  My basket of cotton yarn is always covered.  

When I first started crocheting I loved using cotton yarn.  I haven't used it as much recently.  I probably won't get rid of it but I'd like to lessen the amount.  I have been thinking of making some pot holders or coasters.

The Cozy Stripe blanket hit a bit of a hiccup, stitch count was off.  I had to frog two finished rows.  I thought about leaving the mistake but it bothered me so out it came.

It's that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookies!  I loved being a Girls Scout.  In fact my sister unearthed my sash with all my badges this weekend, she's in Arkansas sorting junk too.  The new S'mores cookies are rather tasty.  I'm glad they are only available for a short time.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Have a lovely week, Lisa

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Avoidance Tuesday

Tuesdays are for avoiding all the grown-up things I should be doing.  The list of things to avoid is long - answering emails, making doctor appointments, cleaning a messy kitchen. The list goes on. There's nothing special or particularly hard about the things that need to be done.   I know I'll feel better when all the tasks are done, but for now, I'll just sit and think about them.

The cups and mugs will eventually make it into the dishwasher.  There are dirty dishes in the sink, but you don't see them because of the magic of cropping.  The Crock Pot is not waiting to be cleaned.  It's working it's magic on a pork roast.

The craft pile in the family room needs to be tidied.  I want to reorganize the current projects so that hopefully I can start making progress toward some finishes.

One goal for this year is to thin my magazine hoard.  I love magazines.  When I need a pick-me-up, I look for a magazine and chocolate.  The chocolate is long gone, but I still have a shelf full of magazines.  I will keep some of them.  The "What if's" of all the potential projects haunt me.  I'm trying to let go of the ones I know have projects that I'll never make.

This is the to-go pile. I hope to add more to it this week.

I have never taken a picture with our DSL camera.  Learning to use this camera has been on my goal list for several years.  I'll have to wait a few more days.  The manual in the picture will be of no help for me.  It's ALL in Spanish.  Of course the English version is nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for Amazon.  I was able to order one.  I know I can download the manual, but I find for task like this, I do better with a physical copy.  

We've had some chilly nights.  Binxy enjoys the fireplace as much as I do.  The wood and bricks look very uncomfortable.  I've tried putting a blanket down for her, but this is the way she prefers to lay.

I've been watching too much news.  I'm letting the outside world influence my inside world.  These days I'm finding it hard to tune out the bad.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.   Lisa