Monday, June 26, 2017

Looking for the perfect summer read

I've been in a major reading slump for almost a year.  I work in a library so you'd think I would be able to find something to read.  I bring books home, start reading, and then stop reading. Nothing seems to holds my interest.  Books that everyone else enjoys I'm only so-so with them.  My night stand looks like a mini library.

This past weekend there was an enormous used book sale held at one of the local middle schools.  I love going to this event.  The building is filled to the brim with books.  It is  fun to browse all the tables full of books.  After the time I've spent purging clutter, I am much more selective of what comes home with me.  Most of what I do buy I will re-donate for next year's sale.

The Martha Stewart book and the Still Life with Chickens will be passed on to my sister.  I think the book that has the most potential to stay for awhile is the Wildflowers guide.  It is in great condition and even had a bonus of a pressed leaf.

I'm going to clear off my night stand and only leave the books I want to try and read on it.  Hopefully I will find that one book where the characters become my best friends and I never want the story to end.  I think that's part of the issue, my expectations are too high.

At least the crocheting hasn't hit a slump like the reading.  I'm still working on my summer blanket and I made a set of 4th of July coasters.

I've made this pattern before and love it.  It's on Ravelry - Ombre Crochet Coasters.  The cotton yarn helps soak up the condensation on cold drinks.  Plus crocheting coasters is so satisfying, a quick project I can finish!

Well, summer is in full swing at our house.  So far I've not been able to rally these two to do a summer purge of their rooms.  They don't get as excited as I do with the clutter clearing.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, Lisa

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

normal life shall resume

Oh the end of the school year, it's always a crazy time.  This year was filled with banquets, award ceremonies, senior prom and then all the activities for graduation.  I'm not saying they weren't fun but I will admit to being extremely tired.  Ok exhausted is more accurate.

Lindsay, Dan, and I the afternoon of prom.

my graduate!

Lindsay's school is the oldest in our county.  If weather permits the graduation ceremony is held on the front lawn of the school.  The ceremony was at 8am in the morning and it was perfect.  We were finished before the heat of the day.  The front of the school makes for a lovely backdrop for graduation.

Bru has the right idea.
I started some cosmos from seed this spring.  It's nice some of them survived Bru's attempts to un-plant them.  He can be such a rascal.

When I haven't been too brain drained to concentrate I've been working on a summer blanket.  I wanted something to throw on my legs when I get chilled because of the air conditioner.  The pattern is Triangles & Stripes baby blanket from Ravelry.  I adjusted the size to be a little larger.  It's an easy and fast pattern.  Hopefully I'll finish it before cold weather.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  The plan is to post more frequently during the summer months.