Sunday, October 16, 2016

We all know about good intentions

I had an adjusted work week and ended the week with being off Thursday and Friday.  I had such good intentions for those four consecutive days off.  My plan was to have Thursday as my do what I want day and work on my crafts.  Of course I had plans to finish ALL of my current projects.  Then the other days would be equally as productive with things around the house.  I would get tons accomplished.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Once finished with ALL my current craft projects on Thursday I would then cook a homemade dinner, tidy up, read and go to bed.  After a wonderful night's sleep I would then rid my house of ALL unwanted clutter, weed the flower beds, wash and fold ALL laundry, do every last item on my to-do list, and cook another homemade dinner. Then on Sunday I would run errands, get groceries, make some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and cook yet another amazing home cooked meal.  Well all I have done is successfully paved that road to Hell with my good intentions.

Our kitchen as of Sunday morning.   It is obviously NOT de-cluttered.  Yes, that is a jar of chocolate pecan turtle in front of the box of Cap'N Crunch.  We are messy and we eat sugar!

I still haven't put away all the little piles of things in the dining room.  Some days I feel like the queen of the piles.  I know none of this is extremely terrible.  I just prefer a more tidy home.  That being said I made very little attempt to change my surrounding.  And for the record, only one load of laundry was washed.  I did not take any picture of those piles because after all that would be airing my dirty laundry.  I'll show you my messy kitchen but I draw the line at somethings.

Not much may have been accomplished over the past four day but I did take a nice nap on Saturday. I also spent some of my time working on the Cozy Stripe blanket.  Although I didn't manage to finish this Crafting Thursday I have made progress.  I have run into one of the hazards of using up yarn from the stash - not enough on the skein.  No need to worry, my stash is rather substantial.  I had another skein that was close enough to match.

I hope your weekend was productive!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Winter Project Link Party

I am joining in with Jennifer at her Winter Project Link Party.  Since the granny square blanket is finished I thought it would be nice to have a blanket to crochet during the colder months.  I've had it in my mind I would make a Spice of Life Blanket.  That is such a pretty pattern.  I printed the pattern but for some reason I hesitated starting it.  I did a ravelry search of crochet blankets and saw the Cozy Stripe Blanket from the blog Attic24.  I am hoping to make this blanket for my son and the Cozy Stripe seemed more of his style.  I would also like to use up as much stash yarn as I can with this project. That being said I'm already thinking I might need to purchase and eggplant purple color skein of yarn.  I am really going to try and NOT buy any other yarns for this project.

I have been putting out a few Halloween/Fall decorations.  Even though the kids are older they still like to have the house look festive for the different seasons and holidays.

I made this scarecrow a year ago.  The pattern called for a sculpted face.  Being rather lazy mine has a non-sculpted face.  I like him as he is and so far the cats have not bothered him.

My mom made the witch years ago.  She's not such a scary witch.  I do think she is having a bad hair day but I can totally relate to that situation.

My craft corner of the family room has some fall and Halloween flair.  I bought a new fleece throw with autumn leaves and I my Jack-o-lantern project bag has a Halloween project in it.  The big question is will I finish this project before the end of the month???

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Hopefully next post I will be able to share exactly what my Halloween project will be.