Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring decorating

Another week has passed by way to quickly.  Things at work are status quo.  I'm getting used to the idea of what will happen.  So far nothing has been determined with my position.  I will keep shelving those books and doing whatever else needs to be done until told otherwise.

Our weather is in that weird back and forth, one day spring the next back to winter.  I'm not trying to hurry winter away.  I'd rather be cold than hot.  I have been putting out some spring decorations. It's fun to be festive regardless of the weather.  Plastic Easter eggs are such a sign of spring for me. The fond memories of front yard egg hunts. Searching for those bright cheery eggs with a little treat inside, usually jelly beans.

I bought the bunny door decoration at Michael's yesterday.  The tag is still on it because I wanted to see how it looked from the road.  I'm sure my neighbors would be disappointed if they couldn't see it clearly.  I can remove the tag.  It's a keeper.

The hot pink bunny is what I call a sugar free peep.  I made him last year.  The pattern is from Ravelry.  It is by Angie Cruize.  It was very fast and easy to crochet, a lovely pattern.

The chick in the egg is from a pattern by Loops of Lavender.  Mine is made with Sugar and Cream yarn.  It worked up very quickly, another great pattern.

I love the egg cozy chickens.  I bought this pattern from Erin Medley on Ravelry.  It is her Rooster egg cozy.  This pattern is very similar to the one my granny would make.  It is a great pattern but just be aware it fits the small plastic eggs.  I think a Cadbury creme eggs would fit in them nicely.

Other than decorating and the same old household chores I've been reading the book "Craft for the Soul" by Pip Lincolne.

I've read her blog over the years and enjoyed her last books.  Those I've check out of our local library. This book I was interested in owning.  I love books on how to live a more creative life.  I find them very inspiring.  I think this is why I like to read blogs.  I get a glimpse into what others are making and doing.  The problem for me is focus.  Speaking of focus I've made no progress on the granny square blanket.  I have to say "oh well" and try again for this week.

The doily under the book is a free pattern called Passion Flower doily.  It is from   The yarn is from A.C. Moore craft store.  It is a store brand and sadly they don't have it anymore.  I wish they did.  Rainbow colors are a favorite of mine, very happy colors.

I think the cats were trying to hide the eggs for the dog.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  I enjoy reading your comments.  I have pleasant week.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hello Change

Change is inevitable, I know this fact.  There are so many little things that change daily we don't even notice them.  Then there are those things that change and it feels like someone dropped a ton of bricks on your head.  That is what happened to me on Friday.  Big changes will be taking place at my work. It has left me feeling very unsettled and a bit concerned for my position.  I like what I do.  I'm a part-time Library Assistant.  I like the people I work with and where I work.  These facts make changing things all the more difficult.  Learning of the impending shift has made me a little blue or as I like to call it, going into Funktown. It didn't help matters that I killed a squirrel on the way home from work.  I really DO NOT like running over any animal.  This little bugger came out of nowhere. I had no time to brake.  It was an extremely unpleasant event.  I spent most of Saturday in Funktown. We ran a few errands.  I took a nap.  I indulged in M&M's.  We had Mexican food for dinner.  I managed to crochet one granny square.  I didn't do much of anything.

My one little accomplishment for Saturday

Today has been a better day.  The kitchen is sort of clean, that's a good thing.  Laundry is in progress and a few other chores have been finished.  I did take time to organize the granny square yarn.  I'm finding putting together random colors is not so easy.  I tend to pick a lot of the same color combinations.

The basket is full!  The purple colors are underneath the reds and pinks.  Organizing things can be very therapeutic for me.  I hope to have another row of squares sewn together this week.

I did finish an outstanding project this week.  It is one that has easily been in the to finish pile for two years.  I had wanted to have it complete before the holidays, but that didn't happen.  It will be a gift for my oldest sister.  I think I will wait and give it to her in September.  The colors remind me of the fall. It is the South Bay Shawlette by Lion Brand.  The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Gems.  I saw this Shawlette on Teresa Kasner's blog.  I'm always inspired by her creations.  

We have another charity pick up coming this week.  I've been gathering more items to send out the door.  I think the charity truck must come monthly.  That helps keep me motivated to keep clearing out the clutter.  I tried listing a few things on Craigslist.  I'm finding no one wants my junk.  I'll list the items a few more times.  If it doesn't sell then it will go in one of the charity pick ups.

Now that I've had a chance to mull over the coming changes I do feel better.  I can't stop what will happen.  I will figure out how to deal with what will come.  There may be another visit to Funktown. But I don't plan on buying any property there.

The fury babies are waiting for me to sit and stitch

Have a lovely week,  Lisa

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Weekend Finish

It was a lovely weekend, quiet and relaxing.  Most of it was spent snuggled at home in front of the fireplace.  The temperature was down right frigid.  I worked like an obsessed woman on my felt snowmen.  I wanted to finish them.  The stitched snowflakes were a pain.  They took me all of Saturday morning.  I would stitch.  I would pull out the stitches I didn't like. Then it took me forever to rethread the needle with six strands of floss.  I always underestimate the time it takes to finish a project.  But it is finished, not perfect, but finished.  This was a fun project.  I might even do another felt project.  Not anytime soon, it's granny square time.


Saturday evening Dan and I  went to dinner at a new to us Tex-Mex restaurant called Chuy's.  It was tasty!  Tex-Mex is my favorite.  Then we made a stop by Barnes and Noble.  I enjoy browsing a book store.  I did come home with the latest issue of Flow magazine.  It's not cheap but it's one of my little splurges.  It's such a pretty magazine.  They also include fun little extras.  This month has 366 mini calendar cards.  I had to think about the 366, leap year.

Valentine's Day was very low key, just the way I like it.  Dan, I, and the kids all exchanged a few small treats.  My youngest -Darren- and I watched the movie "Home."  It was silly.  I love weekends like this, no set plans, a visit to the book store, and crafting - absolutely perfect!

My daughter -Lindsay- made the card to the left.  I think it is wonderful.  That is a picture of me with Lindsay and Darren when they were much younger.  I love that she takes the time to make such a thoughtful gift.  She can sure drive me insane but I wouldn't change any part of her.

Avi and Binxy, they kind of look like a kitty heart :-)

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  I enjoy reading all of your comments.

Have a nice day,  Lisa

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Easily influenced

I am easily influenced by books and crafts.  I have a list of books a mile long I'd like to read.  I have gotten myself overwhelmed with too many craft projects.  There are so many crafts I'd like to make. I'm trying to work on one big project (granny square blanket) and one small project (any small project around the house that isn't finished.)  This has worked well over the past month.  If I do add a project I try to make it small and quick to finish.  I saw Teresa Kasner post a lacy heart doily on her blog.  It was so pretty!  I knew I had to make one.  This time I handled the urge to start something new a little differently. Before I started making the lacy hearts I set a goal to work a little on current projects.  I made several granny squares and worked on my felt snowmen.  It was good to see some progress before starting something new.  It was also nice to feel a little less guilty about starting a new project.

Two snowmen have scarves

The lacy hearts pattern is by Crochet Milan. Teresa's blog is Teresakasner

I made my Lacy Hearts with Hobby Lobby's Love This Cotton.  It's bulkier than I wanted but it's what was in the craft room.  I may look for a less bulky yarn.  

It's suppose to be frigid in Northern Virginia this weekend.  My plan is to add the scarves to the other snowmen, make granny squares, and maybe make another Lacy Heart.  

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter project link party

I'm always a little late to the party.  I started the granny squares an embarrassingly long time ago.  In January I made the decision to try and finish it.  I had high hopes of working on it everyday of the month.  That didn't happen.  However, I am slowly making progress.  I have six complete rows. There are fifteen squares in each row.  It is so satisfying to watch it grow.  My daughter will be 17 in July maybe it will be finished by then.  I'll keep crocheting along.

I finished the heart cross stitch necklace.  It turned out very nice.  I may look for a ribbon to replace the chain.  It was very cold on my neck.

The craft room mess is once again under some amount of control.  I have another pile of things ready to go out the door.  My next area of clutter to tackle will be the guest room closet.  Half of it has stuff I need to decide if it stays or if it goes.  This will be slower and harder.  I'm getting to the kid's school art and family keepsakes.

I have no plan to get rid of all the treasures.  I want them more orderly and less shoved in a corner of the closet.  I think I'll go make some granny squares.  That's an easier task to tackle.

If you have a little extra time - please go to Thistlebear's Link Party!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Will I every learn not to rush?

The morning got of to a busy but productive start.  I did a few chores before the kids headed off to school.  I dropped off one kid at school, got gas, and made a very quick trip to Target.  Once home I worked in the craft room.  Progress is taking place, no pictures but it is looking better.  I will try to finish on Saturday afternoon.

Our local sewing store posted a cute cross stitch necklace on Instagram.  I thought they would be a perfect addition to the Valentine's Day package for my sisters.  I bought one for each sister and of course one for me. They are too cute.  I knew if I didn't get one for myself there'd be a second trip to the store in the near future.

This is my necklace and Starry Flower coaster.  I have mailed the ones to my sisters.  

I thought I'd relax and stitch my necklace.  I could show it to the sisters once they received their package.  I was stitching away and almost finished when I noticed mine look a little different from the one in the picture.  Sometimes I'm not so good at reading the instructions.  This time I did read them. There weren't a lot.  In my haste to finish quickly I didn't pay close enough attention to what I was doing.  I stitched too close to the edge and the spacing was off.  It took me almost as long to remove the stitches as it did for me to put them there.  At least I was to be careful not to gouge the wood.  I'm just a little frustrated with myself.  I will go back and restitch and that's ok.  I'd rather have it like I want it.

Thank you to everyone who stops by to visit.  I very much enjoy the comments.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ground Hog Day

Happy Ground Hog Day.  Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow I guess as lore would have it we are suppose to have an early spring.  I'm rather indifferent to early spring or more winter.  I don't think we get much of a choice in what weather comes our way. Let's hope for nothing too extreme. I can't help but think about the movie "Ground Hog Day" with Bill Murray.  I would rather not have today keep repeating itself.  Oh, nothing bad has happened, it's that I've made a mess in my craft room.  We'll call it the snowball effect meets easily distracted woman.  I went to tackle one corner and my Sugar and Cream yarn.  I have managed to bounce from one area to another leaving stuff all over the floor.  

Avi is with me for moral support

I do have a plan.  It will take me a little to get it all together.  The end result should be less stuff and easier access to what I want to use.  I had to leave it for today.  I'll be back to work on it Thursday.  I have to be careful I don't spend too much time shuffling stuff and not any time creating.  The above pictures are why I need to stay away from Hobby Lobby.  However, I did make a quick trip there on Saturday :-D  I did not buy yarn or anything crafty.  I did buy a Valentine door decoration.  

I haven't made any granny square progress.  I did work on Valentine's starry flower coasters this weekend.  I made one for me and one for each of my sisters.  I'm going to try and have them ready to mail on Thursday.  I have a few other goodies to add to the package with them.  

We have finally been able to get out for our nightly walks.  Sunday night we came across this Christmas tree stuck in a snow mound.  I guess the owners wanted it out of the house before February.  You never know what you'll come across.  

January was a good month even with all of the shoveling we had to do.  I hope February is as productive craft wise and the craft room doesn't stay a mess till spring.