Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow days and stitch markers

We finally have had a small amount of snow, enough to close the schools for two days.  Maybe about five inches, two of which was sleet.  I can't believe we are having our winter weather the week before spring officially begins, oh well, such is the weather.

Avi is a very fluffy cat but that doesn't stop her from sitting on the heating vent.  I love to feel her toes when she does this, they are so toasty and warm.

I started making a crochet R2D2 in December.  I got one leg completed, as with what happens to most of my projects, I put it aside to start working on other things.  Yesterday I decided to work on R2 again. I successfully completed the second leg only to realize I used the wrong hook size.  I am the world's worst at keeping track of what hook size I use for projects.   You would think I would learn but obviously I don't.

I've seen pictures on-line of stitch markers with letters on them to indicate the hook size.  This is something I definitely need.  I decided to try and make them myself.  My husband would tell you this was just an excuse to make a trip to the craft store.

Cute storage containers for my supplies
The leg on the right was made with with the larger hook.  The leg that has my nifty new stitch marker is the correct size.

I put out a few of our Easter decorations.  It's nice to have a few festive things around for the different holidays.  My sister sent the ceramic eggs to me after she cleaned out my old toy box.  The large egg is from 1976 and the pink one is from 1977.  My Mom and Grandma made my sisters and I each some for our Easter baskets when we were young.  In all my getting rid of clutter it is nice to hold onto a few keepsakes.  These make me smile.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter project link party

I've missed Jennifer's last few winter project link parties so I'm very happy to be able to post in the last one for this season.  I hope she might host another for the coming winter but that seems so distant at this point in the year.  The blanket isn't as far a long as I had hoped.  I removed two rows to get my stitch count correct and then there were those evenings I didn't pick it up at all.  I do enjoy working on this blanket.  It will be for my son when it is finished. He helps me select the colors and it's nice to see stash yarn being used.  Who knows maybe I will finish it before our next winter arrives.  It's been so warm I wonder what winter 2017 will be like?

As I use up stash yarn I've been winding yarn balls.  I already have thoughts of making a granny scrap blanket.

I've been putting the tiny scraps in an old terrarium jar.  Terrariums always look so pretty but I don't have much luck keeping one thriving.  I think the yarn will do better than the plants, plus the lidded jar keeps it away from kitty paws.

I drive a rural route to work.  Usually I don't meet too many cars on my commute.  This allows me to drive at a slow pace and see what wildlife I can spot.  Coming home Monday afternoon I spotted this owl.  I was able to pull over and get as good of a picture as my iPhone would allow.

I haven't been posting as many comments to other's blogs recently, my apologies.  A traveling husband, clutter clearing, and spring soccer practice (the kids not me) have been keeping me busy and tired.  I have been visiting all my favorite blogs.  I think we have finally found a bit of a rhythm and hopefully things will slow down.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The things I saved

The things we save over a lifetime, treasures to one, trash to another.  It's funny to see what I thought was worth squirreling away when I decided my childhood was behind me.   My sister mailed me a box of my collectables I had stored at my dad's house in my old toy box.

The only theme to what was kept appears to be stuff I thought was cute.  I also snagged things I liked that my older sisters discarded, hence the three McDonald's trash can banks.

I mentioned in my last post one goal was to minimize the number of keepsake bins.  Now to decide what stays and what goes.  Pumpkin kitty has been with me forever, he'll stay : )

I loved being a Girl Scout.  It was fun to see my old sash and all the patches.  There was something very satisfying to finishing all the requirements for a patch, plus those patches are really cute.

I had to laugh when I came across this old photo of me.  I must be around seven or eight.   I was the youngest of three girls and this picture definitely sums up my childhood attitude, fearlessness mixed with a touch of crazy.   Well, maybe not so fearless, I was terribly afraid of the dark.

The old vehicle in the background is a 1965 International Scout.  My dad still owns it and it does still run.  I come from a long line of people who keep things.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Lisa