Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter project link party

I've missed Jennifer's last few winter project link parties so I'm very happy to be able to post in the last one for this season.  I hope she might host another for the coming winter but that seems so distant at this point in the year.  The blanket isn't as far a long as I had hoped.  I removed two rows to get my stitch count correct and then there were those evenings I didn't pick it up at all.  I do enjoy working on this blanket.  It will be for my son when it is finished. He helps me select the colors and it's nice to see stash yarn being used.  Who knows maybe I will finish it before our next winter arrives.  It's been so warm I wonder what winter 2017 will be like?

As I use up stash yarn I've been winding yarn balls.  I already have thoughts of making a granny scrap blanket.

I've been putting the tiny scraps in an old terrarium jar.  Terrariums always look so pretty but I don't have much luck keeping one thriving.  I think the yarn will do better than the plants, plus the lidded jar keeps it away from kitty paws.

I drive a rural route to work.  Usually I don't meet too many cars on my commute.  This allows me to drive at a slow pace and see what wildlife I can spot.  Coming home Monday afternoon I spotted this owl.  I was able to pull over and get as good of a picture as my iPhone would allow.

I haven't been posting as many comments to other's blogs recently, my apologies.  A traveling husband, clutter clearing, and spring soccer practice (the kids not me) have been keeping me busy and tired.  I have been visiting all my favorite blogs.  I think we have finally found a bit of a rhythm and hopefully things will slow down.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,  Lisa


  1. There are still many more months till the next winter - plenty of time to work on and finish your blanket. It's looking good already, I like all the colours together.
    That's a great way to use a terrarium jar. I've never had a terrarium before but I think I won't be able to keep the plants alive either ;-) The owl looks amazing - great photos! x

  2. You got a great picture of the owl. I'm a very unfocused, disorganized crafter, so about all I can finish lately is simple projects. I have so many wips that need to be finished. Your blanket is coming along nicely.

  3. Hi Lisa, thank you for joining in with my link party. I'm so glad you did. I'm happy to know you like it and that you'd join in next year too. I will certainly host them in the future if there is interest. Your blanket is looking great already, I love the narrow stripes. I really like how the yarn looks in the jar too, almost like candy. :)

  4. I do love the colours of your blanket. Perfect for a teenage boy. It has just the right amount of brightness. I covet one of those terrarium jars, what a good idea to put your small yarn balls in there.

  5. Very cool to see an owl! They are my FAVORITE bird.

    Love your blanket. I have one of those big cookie jars too. I keep my WIPs in there with some lovely little bags of lavender.

  6. Yarn in a terrarium jar is a great idea! It's so pretty and you can see all of your scraps that are ready to be used up. I love the colours in your blanket, it'll be beautiful when it's finished.