Sunday, April 2, 2017

So many projects

I took a picture of all my current works in progress.  The crochet blanket and the hexie quilt are long term projects.  The hexie quilt wouldn't be that long term of a project if I'd take the time to read the instructions and find out the next step.  The knitting in the lower left corner needs to be frogged and restarted.  It's a cowl and I want it longer.  The way it's turning out now it would be a choker.  I know I won't wear it at the current size.  The orange snowman looking thing is suppose to be a scarecrow cat.  I started this back in October.  All I need to do to finish it is close the bottom and make a hat.  I did the hardest part of sewing on the nose.  No progress has been made on r2d2.  I was going to make spring coasters for our kitchen table.  I have one and it's not finished.  I've used this pattern before but for some reason this time it's much larger.  I will probably frog the coaster and try a different pattern. The gold yarn in the upper right corner is a cowl I will wear to work tomorrow.  I need to wear red and yellow, it's a school thing.  I don't wear much yellow.  It's not a color that looks good on me.  I'm hoping gold is close enough.

I love this yarn and I like knitting the cowl.  My sister will be visiting the week before Easter.  I hope she will be able to help me restart it.  We may have to make a trip to the yarn store to seek help from a professional.  : )

Gardening always gets pushed to the back of the home projects.  I always have high hopes but life gets busy.  This spring I was inspired by the new Taproot magazine to try planting cosmos.  The seeds were planted last weekend and they are already growing.  I hope they survive once I plant them in the flower bed.

I'm still trying to understand our DSLR camera.  I have a new smaller camera bag, a new camera strap, and two books.  So far I've not taken any pictures I've liked.

I've been obsessed with reading this journaling website/shop Jenni Bick DC.  The store is located in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. I have lived in the Washington D.C. area for twenty years and I've never been to Dupont Circle.  To say I want to go is an understatement.  I am already plotting a trip for when my sister is visiting, lucky for me she enjoys shops like this one.  I hope we won't be disappointed.  Do I need a new journal? NO! Do I want to go look at pretty journals? Yes!  Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with this store.  I happened upon it via Instagram and thought it looked like a place I would love to explore.

The day I took this picture of Avi I had a headache.  I could totally relate to wanting to sleep in this position.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Have a lovely week,  Lisa


  1. I just got that edition of Taproot. Haven't had a chance to sit down with it yet.

    The projects look good ......I was listening to a podcast the other day that said devote 20 minutes to each project that is lagging. Then bit by bit they all get done. Seemed like good advice to me.

  2. Hi Lisa, I found your blog through Meredith's. The blanket you're crocheting caught my eye. I don't do a lot of knitting or crochet, but like to have a project going to pick up now and again. I really like the striped blanket. Your colors are so pretty. I think something like that would keep my interest, to keep changing colors and it looks like you've done different stitches? Good luck catching up with all of your projects!

  3. Ha-ha! You are so funny! I hope you had a good visit with your sister. Every new year I try to journal. Every time we travel I try to journal. And I never, ever keep up with it. But I keep trying. :) All my works in progress wouldn't fit in one photo. I lack focus.

    As for the litter in this country, it's very easy to become pessimistic and apathetic because of the way things are governed. The government doesn't do anything to rock the boat. They want to keep the natives happy and so don't have too many expectations of them. The sense of entitlement that so many people feel is sad and sickening. If there are litter laws, no one is enforcing them. There's a hands free law with regard to the use of mobile phones in the car. It was enforced for one month and that was that. Now I even see the cops driving and texting in their police cars. It's ridiculous. So, sometimes I do feel like I'm wasting my time. But the fact is, I hate seeing garbage so much, that I can't just ignore it like everyone else does. It's too big a problem for me to make a real difference, but at least I have a sense of pride and peace knowing that I did a little something. I'm trying to be part of the solution, not adding to the problem. But sometimes it really is difficult to be positive about it all.

    Happy May!