Sunday, July 9, 2017

Things here lately

Summer is progressing nicely, if not a little too quickly.  My husband and son are at the National Cubing competition in Fort Wayne, Indiana this weekend.  My daughter and I stayed home this year. She has work and I've kept the animals company.  

Darren, reluctantly posing for a picture.

While they've been away I've been keeping myself busy with different little projects.  The weather has been lovely so I've been doing some much needed yard work.  We finally had some rain which makes weeding the flower beds a breeze.  It's a shame the wild bunnies refuse to eat the clover.  I wish our investments grew as quickly as the clover.

I've also been working on my summer blanket.  It is very close to being finished, maybe it will be completed before August.  Bru has to wear the cone of shame till his allergy medicine kicks in.  He has seasonal allergies and is licking his paws raw.  We go through this every summer.

The guest bedroom is back to being a staging area for decluttering.  The endless cycle of going through closets and book shelves.  I'm always shocked at what I've squirreled away in this house.

I know I'll never be finished decluttering because I can't stay out of the shops.  Although I am much more selective about what does come home with me, I still shop.  I stopped by a thrift store on my way to the public library.  I found a cookbook and a pottery pot.  The cookbook looked interesting but once I've read it I doubt it will stay.  The pottery pot on the other hand might be here awhile.  I've always wanted a lidded pot and this was such a bargain :)

The book I got from the library is by a local author.  My neighborhood book club is trying to arrange for her to attend one of our meeting.  So far I'm enjoying it.  It's an easy read, perfect for summer. The story starts with a tragedy and follows the family's struggles as they cope with the aftermath.  

The other book I picked up at the library is "Goodbye Things."  Doesn't it look so pretty next to my new pot?  I've actually listened to this book on Audible.  Since I listen while driving to and from work, I wanted to reread a few of the chapters.  I know I will never be an absolute minimalist and that's ok.  I find the minimalist movement fascinating and inspiring.  I like things but I'm learning that my things don't define me and it's ok for them to come and go.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Have a lovely week,  Lisa


  1. That covered pot looks perfect for stashing a sock project.

  2. So nice to hear from you Lisa. SOunds like summer is moving along nicely. I need to get back to decluttering, I have lost my mojo in that department. Happy reading.

  3. Love this post, Lisa. Crochet, gardening and books. All three are right up my alley. I love what you said about the minimalist movement and not letting things define you. I'm trying to be more selective about what I bring home, but I enjoy moving things in and out, too.

  4. I should declutter, really! But I find ways to consolidate and fit everything into the closets. To be honest though, I just decluttered the linen closets!! I was shocked at how many ratty towels I owned for just in case.