Sunday, January 22, 2017

And we marched

I probably would have never attended the Women's March in Washington D.C. if it had not been for my mother-in-law.  To say she was disappointed in the out come of November's election would be an enormous understatement, heartbroken and devastated would be more accurate.  It was shortly after the election she started to hear rumblings of a protest that would be held in D.C.  We live about forty minutes from D.C.  Then in December she let us know she would be coming and going to the march. She made it clear to us she would be happy to go alone and stay at a friend's house if needed.  She just wanted to go to the march.  Crowds are not my favorite thing, in fact I try to avoid them at all cost. The thought of going to D.C. to be in a huge crowd and have to use a porta-potty for a restroom did not excite me.  The weather could be freezing or snowing, there were a million reasons why I really did not want to go.  The one big reason to go - not letting an 83 year old woman go alone.  So we decided Dan would be in charge of the kid's Saturday schedules and I would go peacefully demonstrate.  Once we knew this would be happening I started to crochet my p_ssyhat.

Yesterday was amazing.  We could tell as we approached the metro station this was going to be BIG! There were cars, busses, and massive amounts of people and we weren't even in D.C.  The metro ride can only be compared to sardines in a can.  Sardines may actually have more room in the can than we had on our train car.  Once we made it to the march we quickly staked out a spot to listen to the amazing speakers.  If you are familiar with D.C. we were standing close the the Smithsonian Castle.   Luckily there was a short wall close by and a very nice lady willingly gave up her spot so my mother-in-law could sit.  The crowd was immense, a sea of bodies.  The people we met and the ones that surrounded us were so positive and polite.  It is hard to believe I am using those terms to describe a crowd in D.C., sometimes that city isn't the most pleasant.  It was an incredible experience.

One of the best things about the march was seeing all of the pink hats.  I proudly wore mine.  To all who sent hats for others to wear I send you a BIG THANK YOU.    Your time and efforts were appreciated.

Dee and I at the beginning of the day

Dee marching with her sign

Me - backpacks weren't allowed, fishing vest worked nicely.  Thanks Bernadette for the idea!

sea of people

She's smiling so maybe she's not such an angry granny : )

There were all kinds of signs

a simple sign but meaningful message

I am proud to be from the United States of America.  As hard as it is to say I know Donald Trump is president. I do not agree with the agenda he has outlined for our country.   I marched in hope that someone in Washington will take notice of the vast group of people who are deeply concerned with his plans for our future.

As always thank you for visiting.  Have a lovely week.  Lisa


  1. I am so proud of you and your MIL for marching my friend. Well done on wearing the pink hat, they were all over the media. Well done for having a say and for marching for all of us.

  2. I know this is a VERY serious matter, but I literally laughed out loud at "now you've pissed off Grandma!".

    Hopefully, we will ALL hold his feet to the fire and that we keep on protesting his poor behavior and poor choices.

  3. What a wonderful day for you both!! Maybe next time for me.

  4. Sorry my comment is a week late but I just want to say I'm proud of you and your mother-in-law for joining in this march. The new president and his administration need to know that the majority of the people in America and the world do not agree with his proposed policies. This thing 'alternate facts' is so scary even for us who do not live there. I hope these protests continue and more power to those organising and joining them. x

  5. I am late with my comment, too. My first thought most days this week was 'what has he done now'. I don't even live in the US and I am worried. I cannot begin to imagine how so many Americans must feel. I wonder how many of those who have voted for this unhinged creature now wish they hadn't. Keep on marching, keep on fighting, your voice is so important. x